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If you're wedding is no fun, you're having it at the wrong place. Fun is what we do in chapel land!

M&L's wedding was quite a while ago, but it's still fun to look back at the CRAZY pictures from such a great day! She had more people than we expected, but all turned out great. It's also always fun to work with great families that 'get' their kids and are supportive AND constructive along the way! Such a great memory of a truly LARGE production number that we are thrilled happened at our beloved chapel. I love the faces of fun and joy here, and know they had a wonderful day!

I'm headed to the chapel in just a few minutes to continue setup on another great production number, scheduled for just 2 days from now! Linens are pressed, chargers are out, plates are being placed, and flatware is rattling. Lights, camera, napkins, cake plates, MAGIC! We're excited about L&K's big day, since it's been so long in the planning and we're having a tent for the guests to enjoy the perfect weather that's on tap for the ceremony and reception. Things are already clicking into place like a playschool jigsaw puzzle, and that's always a good sign. The team working the event is magic (as usual) and beverages arrive today. Just got a text from the M.O.B., and shipments are already happening in this direction of goods and goodies for the big wedding weekend! Such fun!

Still working on getting more zinnias in the chapel flower beds, and will be thankful when that's done. Going to grab a couple of blooming plants to put around and spruce up the exterior just a bit. Clemente and I looked at the lawn yesterday and decided that it wasn't quite ready for a mow, and it looks springtime lush and kind of rustic rough-cut, so that'll be just right for the outdoor fun. We'll be mowing before long with hoped-for rains and plenty of sunshine!

Well, I'm outta here, and need to go unlock the gate and get rolling on some flatware! Have a wonderful day, and we'll talk to you soon! Blessings!


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