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I love coming accross wonderful wedding pictures from a few years back and reliving the excitement!

This day was so special, and this couple is too. It's so fun to think of all the lives we've been blessed to touch at this very excellent place. Thank you, God!

All is well on the chapel front today, and Clemente is currently working on the groom's room floor! Some final touches on Christmas storage, and we'll be putting plates out for Wedding Homecoming '22! I think Mrs. Boss told me that we're up to something like 54 or 56 guests, so I'm all about the excitement. Vance with the Dance is all set to be here. Just need to call for pizza, get beverages, and we'll be in business. Thankfully, Chloe and Lisa can work the gig, so that'll even add to the fun!

Super excited about A&G's rehearsal dinner planned for later this year. Amazed at how emotional the whole 'kid grown up' thing was for me last night, but I guess that's what happens when you live life. She's found the perfect groom, and it sounds like a magical wedding/rehearsal/life is in the offing. This is what happens when you parent well, and we're so proud of A's involvement at Holy Trinity and her dedication to her faith. She's grown up so much, it's just hard for me to believe. No sniffles this morning over it, however. I'm a big boy now.

The new projector bulb came in the mail yesterday, so I'll need to try that out on the cross wall at the chapel soon. Maybe a nice movie night during one of these chilly dark days? Anyone with any ideas, let me know....... Sounds like fun.

Meeting tomorrow with Staci and Teresa to plan the games night to benefit Slice of Heaven Educational Farm. A new charity in our 'stable' (see what I just did there?) and the LCR fun game nights are great for fundraising. Mrs. Boss and I can't keep any winnings, and 1/2 of everything that's won goes in the charity fishbowl, so for $15 per person minimum with complimentary food and bev, it's a great time and a good way to raise $,$$$! Looking forward to the planning.....

Ok, gotta go. Blessings to all our chapel peeps, and don't forget to remind your spouse how wonderful they are!


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