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Here's a happy group from a very special day! Great couple and the team that made it happen!

Sharon and Rick's wedding day was nothing short of wonderful, and this photo pretty much proves it. Not only are our bride and groom top notch, the trio of staff members, Pard, John, and Brandie, are the best in the business when it comes to getting it done! We were thrilled to be a part of their biggest of days, and they haven't looked back since! Travel, trips, visits and all kinds of wonderful, international experiences have kept these two busy and on their toes. We love having them relatively close by and their recent generosity helped our charity event greatly. God bless you, General & Mrs. Gibbs!

Early morning meeting with the Thrall team at the chapel today. Nailed down the time for the ceremony, date and time for the party and made sure the thematic pieces were all in place. Looks like it's slightly to the side of the 'bell curve' as we like to say, but certainly inside it, due to the excellent attitude and drive of our bride and groom and supporting cast. Can't wait to finalize the deal and helping them lock down their decor elements!

Planting is one day closer, and I'm hoping that monday is a day I can grab a few. Lots going on next week, so it may be more like Friday, but we'll get it done! It'll be so nice freshening the front, although it is really rewarding to see the grass greening up and things looking 'buddish' around the place. Clemente has done some porch post repairs to fix some decomposition, and we're freshened up in that arena, too. Looking forward to bible study tomorrow night, as it's episode 3 of "The Chosen"....come join us at 5p! Bring a dish to pass!

Have a great weekend, get outside when it's not too cold, and step out of your comfort zone into the forward or aft portions of the bell curve. You'll be glad you did! Blessings on all, y'all!


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