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Even if we've posted it before, we need to do it again! Scrolling through photos today brought me to this excellent shot. The message to me here was great parenting makes great brides! True Story!

So often, folks will say how sweet and wonderful the bride is during her big day. Miss Emma was certainly that, but despite her genuine sweetness and light, we are reminded by this photo that it takes a lot of parenting to produce a bride like this! It wasn't easy for Mike and Brandie to watch E.G.G. go off to A&M, and it certainly wasn't easy to see her all grown up on December 16th and handing her off to an excellent new husband. This is what parents do, however, and these two have done it very, very well. Now if we can just keep Rob from jumping the rails (lol!) we'll have a 3 for 3 performance rate @ the Grant household! :) So proud of every member of this family as each of them cooperate, testify and function as wonderful additions to the communities. Bravo.

Not much happening at the chapel today. We'll soon be setting up for another event, but have some bible study happening before then. A little furniture painting happened this week, and I'm hoping we can get the lawn mower up and running again before the event! Working on looking at Honda mowers in the meantime, but we haven't gotten anywhere on that so far! Flowers are starting to bloom again in the circle and the front of the chapel. The lantana looks GREAT on the south side of the chapel!

Have a wonderful day, remember the rewards of great parenting, and enjoy every minute you can with your kids! Blessings to one and all!


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