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...And this one is entitled "Two brides and a groom"! Caliber Oak flashbacks at seed swap day!

It's always fun to have brides and grooms and brides in the house. Otto and Sarah got to meet Raeshel at the seed swap and even gathered a few things for their very own windowsill. We're all looking forward to the next swap on February 19, and I personally plan to get some nice heirlooms going in pots so that I can make a decent showing at the table! Now that we kind of know what we're doing, I think the whole thing is going to come together.

Nicole comes by today with her final balance and watering of plants continues at the chapel. Clemente made the yard look great yesterday, and finished the floorboard project, so we're up and running and gearing for the G.O.H. fundraiser next week. Should be a great time, and we hope turnout and cashout ends up being wonderful for the charity. That's what fundraising is all about, in addition to the networking and meeting of new folks that are into the same priorities!

Otherwise, life is cool and greenish at the chapel! Loved our visit yesterday with Megan and Hannah, and know that the big day they've got planned will be perfect! Blessings to one and all for a wonderful Thursday! Later!


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