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A tremendous performance in our beloved chapel that netted about $3,000 in fundraising! Mrs. Boss and Bev knocked it out of the park, and attendance was nearly 60 people! These events are great!

Well, I realized that Bev doesn't even get to be seen in this photo, but it's the only one I took yesterday, so we'll have to go with it. What a marvelous job these two musicians did yesterday for folks who have less than themselves. The amount raised was excellent, the food was outstanding and the music was delightful! We so appreciate The Village Voice for getting the word out and helping us so greatly with the attendance. It's such a delight to be able to use our facility for such worthy causes and to know that the digits of fundraising in total are significant! Amen!

Not one to rest on her laurels, Mrs. Boss is already looking toward October 6th for an event. A group of us have decided to do a bbq dinner/cornhole tournament/fun family day @ the chapel on that date. The charity hasn't been determined yet, but we know we'll have fun and will be able to financially impact a local volunteer group in a positive way! It's great to look forward to another charity gig.

Speaking of looking forward, it won't be long before we're setting up for our next wonderful wedding with two very special kiddos getting married. They've been a joy to work with and we're so looking forward to their big day and the celebration that surrounds it. This place just generates positive energy, right? Well, got to run, but have a great day and week, and come visit when you have time! Bible study is still @ 5p on Sundays (when not pre-empted by a charity event!) and we'd love to have you come. Blessings to one and all!


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