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Super-secret strategy plan we can't talk about. Hush. Hush. Need to know, only...

Well, maybe it's not all THAT dramatic, but clearly some covert planning is underway! I love how the thing is kind of blurry, like it was taken with a 'spy camera' showing positions, placements, etc. Each wedding has a defined plan, so it's kind of like winning a skirmish over folks being single! Hehehe! We love what we do and that every plan, bride, groom, day and event are so very, very different and just right for the best couples in the universe!

All quiet on the Chapel front,(see what I did there?)and we're gearing up for the annual Salado Christmas Parade! Cannot wait, and how often do we get to show the chapel for a potential wedding immediately following the parade? It's like having Santa right here with us, right? Balloon arch still needs to be taken down from the tea, but it's been up so long that we'll kind of miss it! Loving the warmer temps, and tonight's showing should be even better that it's not 30 degrees out there! Otherwise, not much going on. Hopefully, will garner many treasures for the chapel while we shop this weekend!

"Seeking Justice" is the bible message for today. I don't think that means go out and right every wrong you can find, but it does certainly mean we should conduct ourselves in a just and proper way today...and probably all the time, to be honest! Blessings to all for a tremendous rest of the day and wonderful, restful evening!

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