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Tribute to Our Lady sparks summer of blue hues...

This is a snippet of the beautiful tablescapes created by our very own Cindy Cashion for Laura's appreciation dinner. Just can't get enough of this color or look this year, and it reminds me of Our Lady and her prayers for us every time I look at it. Thank you, Cindy and Laura for all that you do for so many! You truly are a blessing in lots and lots of lives...

Peacock. Lagoon. Chalk. All these blue tones are certainly making themselves known quite prominently at the house and chapel this summer. Loving the opportunity to gather new vistas and create new stuff. As usual, it takes another's keen eye (aforementioned C. Cashion) to give direction and context. The rest is just raw, kinda scary, bold creativity. What a blessing of creativity! So excited to have S&P coming out to see the chapel for their renewal of vows, and also having our wonderful UMHB/Belton CofC Apprentice, Sara, come to help with wedding setup next week! So looking forward to S&J's big day! Front railing on the porch being repaired (FINALLY) as I type this, and we're even getting a new cross for blossoming on Easter Sundays. Neat. Some more Marion blue creativity will certainly be in the offing.

Thank you, God. For all of it. ALL of it. The generosity, the health, the abundance, the faith, the protection and the love. You, Sir, are an awesome God. Truly. Blessings to all as you bask in the glow of The Father today!

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