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Beautiful things are happening in the month of May!

What a beautiful look with the help of Ross Howard Designs, Kelly Sanders and the incomparable Cindy Cashion. Looking forward to the event that's featuring this combination. Should be amazing. So many wonderful things to look forward to, that sometimes it hard to keep up with counting our blessings, but we try!

Meeting with M&J today to finalize their wedding vows (fun!) and also having a special chicken dinner tonight! Winner, winner, chicken dinner! Wooohoo! A little spa time is planned, and chapel laundry continues! Gratefully!

Being willing to wait on His timing and not ours is truly a gift that gets better with practice. Perfection comes from His end of the line, and not ours. Many thanks to God for our wonderful day, and the magical folks He's put in our path. Blessings to all for a color-coordinated day, as designed by the Ultimate Designer!

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