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...And a wonderful visit was had by all! Thank you for spending the day with us, St. Theresa of Aus

We had such a GREAT day with the ministry leadership team from St. Theresa in Austin yesterday! Fr. Larry Covington leads this amazing group as Pastor, and each and every one of them was a delight to meet/re-meet and spend the day with. Many thanks to Jamie for making everything go so smoothly for the event. Blessings to STT as they move forward and grow in a spiritual and abundant Grace! Come see us's always a great treat to be able to host such wonderful folks!

Not much at the chapel today, except LEFTOVERS! We had an amazing evening last night, as our own wonderful Sara Garcia graduated from the UMHB/Belton CoC Apprenticeship program. Dinner afterward to celebrate the spring was excellent, and we had lots of laughs. Sara is going places in this world, and we were pround to help in any way we could. Another Sarah is coming to visit soon, and we're looking forward to that adventure as well. Massage with Linda Egg was amazing this morning, and the flowers at the chapel are blooming so beautifully. We were so excited to book Lorie & Keith's wedding, and will post photos as SOON as we can! We were looking forward to the wedding of Tom and Pat here at the chapel, but God has moved them into a new space and adventure! Blessings to them both as they embark on the grand journey!

Giving back. Yesterday was a tangible reminder of what our duty really is. He provides everything, everyday, 24/7, and we are given free will to decide what we will part with, share and provide to others. Yesterday's hosting of the STT group was such an intrinsic pleasure and this place! We'll love this place even more if you'll come and visit us on SUNDAY at 1p for the St. Joseph's Kite Fest! Blessings to each and everyone reading these words!

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