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Gives it a fairy-tale kind of a feeling, right?

For some reason, I'm thinking Hansel and Gretel, but I don't think that turned out all that well? Can't remember, but I certainly don't remember a wedding scene in the story! :) The steeple is just about at its peak of blooming beauty, and we wanted to share it. This steeple is off the church we were blessed to receive materials from in Davilla, and was literally 'roped' off the top of that church by none other than the TV star, Tim Wilson! It got here safely, and has been a decorative shelter for the ivy barrel ever since. Sadly, the blush rambler that adorns the chapel right now is only an annual bloomer, but the thorns are available to catch your fingers all year (heheheh...inside floral joke!)... Love these flowers, and they're a great reminder of how blessed we are with the lovely blooms around us and the whole place - year round!

Creativity time at the chapel today, and it's supposed to be all about Easter! Well, the creativity actually takes place at the house, since we're preparing for Easter Sunday lunch! Ribbons, branches, birdhouses, petals, leaves,'s all coming together. So looking forward to the big day! Also looking forward to Tabatha's visit today and some great church services over the next 2 days!

Blessings are there....sometimes we get inward and reflective and those blessings look different than others. It's ok. No matter the mood, the weather, or where we are in ourselves....He's there, too. The One Constant. Thankfully! Blessings to all for excellent preparations and found-treasures along the way...

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