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Congratulations, Mr. & Mrs. Broxton! Woohoo!

Their day was truly perfect, and we're still full from the excellent food! It all passed so quickly, but the service, reception and fun were flawless. They even got to use the Eldorado convertible for some fun shots with their photographer. All the florals and design were excellent, and the colors of the wedding were really beautiful. All the groomsmen looked outstanding in their colors, and the entire event was an absolute joy! Blessings to you both, and hope to see you soon!

A quieter day at the chapel today, however, as we wind down from the great wedding. Lots of linens to be done, but they can wait a bit, as we're gearing up for Holy Week! Hard to imagine, and Palm Sunday, 2017 is almost a memory now. Working on the Easter preparation list for the big week and bigger finish. Really enjoyed being able to read the 'narrator' part for the Passion this morning at St. Joeseph's! ... Denise played an outstanding concert this afternoon with the Temple Symphonic Band, and Sarah Sanderford joined us both at the concert and for eats afterward. The weather even held off enough to take the blue convertible to church this morning.... The rain is allegedly coming, however, but we hope it clears up in time for Denise's second concert this week.

Appreciating the moments and the luxury of time. That's one of the keys....and enjoying where you're at at any given point. Thank you, God, for this day, all the ones before it, and all the ones to come! Blessings to all for a tremendously meaningful and productive Holy Week!

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