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"Could we get the BUG to step out of the shot, please?" "thank you"

Did you ever look at a picture and think you could smell it?!?!? That actually happened to me this morning.....(ok, it's before 7a, but whatever). As I was saving this photo on my computer, I thought I could actually detect the delicate fragrance of this amazing bloom in my nose. The sensation only lasted a few seconds, and thankfully, we can go to the chapel today and enjoy face-fulls of these beauties as they reach their first zenith of the year. This charming little bug near the center of this bloom adds a little levity and counterpoint, I guess... :)

Putting the titivating touches on Heather and Robert's great adventure today. Putting out cake plates (selected the amazingly cool sage green), getting their vows in the official book, polishing silver, spraying for bugs (see above rose! :)) ...So looking forward to seeing them and making their day very special. ... Had a great time at the Belton Chamber Mixer last evening, and Mrs. Arnaz even got to take the run...after getting a bath and 'loooookin' gooooood'. Already looking forward to the next chamber mixer, and also working on two different advertisement ideas to increase the awareness of the chapel! Fun projects underway. Also working on a fun, Asheville, NC mini-break for the fall to see Bea Lamb.... Speaking of mini-breaks, still waiting on Miss Bridget Jones ('77 MGB) to get her carburetor kit installed in Belton so that she can hopefully, soon, hit the open roads! We miss her and it's been about 6 months since we've partied together!

Trusting Him in all things, and letting the burden of worry rest elsewhere. It takes practice, but the result is certainly worth it! Blessings to all for a blossom-filled day of unexpected delights!

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