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A cake as luscious on the inside as it was on the outside!

This confection was completely amazing. Not only did it have the Chinese symbols for the bride and groom's birth years (Karen was a dragon and Bill was a dog!), but the taste of the cake was truly wonderful. Done in three different flavor layers, the very top was so moist and decadent and separated by a 'raspberry' filling. Yum! The second layer seemed to have somewhat of an almond flavor...tremendous....and the third layer was chocolate. Each layer of cake was so very delicious and almost 'pound cake' like in it's density and flavor! Certainly NOT low fat, but VERY high flavor! Wonderful job and the perfect compliment to such a classy, weekday wedding festivity. Congratulations, again, Karen and Bill on such an excellent wedding and a lifetime of hapiness together! We've already got 'prime rib night' on the calendar so that we can come visit at Wildfire!

Chapel is getting all cleaned up, spic and span for Heather and Robert's big day. They're guest count looks nice and full, and the weather is supposed to be absolutely beautiful for their wedding. Setup will begin this afternoon, and we'll look forward to seeing them at the end of the week. Already can taste their wonderful catering fare!

Do not fear. It's in the Book...over and over again. It's natural to have qualms and concerns, but turning them over asap to the Big Guy is the key! Blessings to all for a worry-free day, and a wonderful evening!

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