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TAMUC Music Team ROCKS Fundraiser!

A truly excellent day and evening from start to finish! Denise and I were blessed to be able to host the Texas A&M University Commerce Music/Opera department at the chapel for a performance fundraiser. We were amazed and thankful that approximately $1,700 was raised last night! Woooooohooo! While it's not all about the really helps! The audience was totally impressed with the talent of these 8 performers, and so were we! The team earned at least an extra $300 in "cry fees" for delivering opera so powerful, so special, so touching, that audience members leaked tears. Happy ones, though! Such a relaxed, comfortable and genuinely nice group of people, who Jennifer is clearly very capably leading! We also appreciate Angie's help last night, and can't thank our generous donors and supporters enough for making this event a success! Blessings to this group, and we're already excited about TAMUC Music Night 2018!

Today's schedule is nice and easy! Taking the '73 Fleetwood in to have the alternator checked, prepping for the Youphoria Spa & Salon visit later today, and starting general setup for Ashley and Gus' great adventure this weekend! The rain this weekend has already produced the first beautiful pink rose in front of the chapel, and more are clearly on their way.

Springtime is one of those blessings He provides every year. While it isn't quite spring yet, His promise of renewal, hope, revival and resurrection are everywhere! See how many signs of His renewing love you can find in your day today. You'll be glad you did!

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