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Another Lisha's Luncheon Favorite!

It's funny how the selfie stick always makes the Cap look like he's rather confused, but we weren't confused about the fun we were having with our wonderful friend, Lisha! Lisha and I worked together over 20 years ago and when she came to visit, it seemed like just yesterday. Facebook can be a trial at times, but this part of it is really golden...reconnecting with special people. We're glad Lisha's back in Texas, and she's already planning to return to the chapel for the Kite Fest in April! Woooohooo! God bless you, Lish!

Pretty active day at the chapel on tap. Getting things done around the place, and our wonderful Apprentice, Sara, should get here this morning after an appointment. The game plan is to get more accomplished on the magnificent "Harper Baptism 1 Year Birthday" extravaganza. Linens to be steamed, things to be set up, etc. The neat birdhouses are looking great on the tables, and this promises to be a very special event. Later in the day, we've had rumor of two hombres coming to the ranch fully armed (and probably looking for trouble), but we'll be ready for them. A little target practice may be in order before nightfall. Unfortunately, Miss Alice Fleetwood has to go by truck to be repaired, since she had some kind of rattle-wiggle-thumpyness the other night on the way home from the ASYMCA... But she DID make it home! We're just not going to require that the old girl limp it all the way into the shop!

It's really a moment by moment thing. I truly don't think a moment goes by during the day where a small prayer doesn't go up for ourselves, someone in need, or a situation. Walking daily with Him and letting him fix the broken things and the things is such a blessing and a delight. Hoping for wonderful moments of prayer for everyone today!

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