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So dang cute, and people notice!

Can't get enough of the creative Kite Fest pins that Cindy Cashion has made! They're certainly attention grabbers, and when people stop you and say, 'what is THAT' on your shirt or jacket.... We get the festival marketing we sought to gain! :) The chapel just wouldn't be the same without Cindy's creativity and spirit!

Well, the Ol' Cap has struck again. Technologically challenged as he is, he tried (for the first time at 11:24 p.m. after Mrs. Boss was asleep) to download his very first app on his phone for 'soothing sleep sounds'. Well, somehow, he managed to completely mess up the Gmail login/account settings/etc. Thankfully, Jordan was able to straighten some of it out this morning, but apparently the email app I was using is never going to like me again, and the new one does!??! Ok, the mysteries of the bit and byte! Oh well, apparently I'm back in business, and the Gmail application is WAY more colorful anyway! Hehehe. Yikes. Note to self. Quit messing with the phone when there's no adult supervision! ... Chapel activity will be light today and our wonderful Apprentice Sara was under the weather so she couldn't make it out. :( We're praying she feels better very soon! Headed to the store in the Fleetwood in a little while for steaks and wine (what else could anyone possibly need?) and hoping to start doing our taxes pretty soon? Funnnnnn.

When frustration comes, it's so wonderful to turn it over to prayer. Sometimes, I forget to do it as quickly as I should (this morning!) and then when we do, a solution is already on its way. Every time I remember to turn it over....things just work out so amazingly. Thank you, God! Have a blessed and fun day that prompts you to 'turn it over'!

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