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Guess who stopped by the chapel this week!

As Lent begins to loom on the horizon, the chapel has become somewhat of a 'last chance cafe' for French food and butter and cream! The irreplaceable Mrs. Child ("Mme Sheeeild"...a la Francais!) has been wowing us once again with her delectable dishes. The chapel kitchen has such a French feel that it's like she's trodding the boards with us! Looking forward to an upcoming 'team preparation' dinner.....or at least that's the intent! Stay tuned and keep those copper pots gleaming!

Beautiful trip into town in Miss Alice Fleetwood, who was specifically washed for today's activities. Got to visit with Janie Brown, and folks at the most excellent First State Bank in Salado. This afternoon, we're excited to meet Miss Ellie, the lovely 1976 Lincoln Continental currently residing with the Jones family. Will she come and make her new home at the chapel?!?? Stay tuned, again, and we'll see! ... Denise came home with two beautiful trailing rosemary plants for the planters outside the chapel, and Angie strikes again by making things shine and sparkle. Very much looking forward to tomorrow's birdhouse building binge with Cindy, and possibly "The Little Eskimo" could be transformed into a lovely decoration, along with a book of Cindy's choice. We're also going to get a few of Harper's smaller, cardboard books from Angie to see if we can't make some smaller birdhouses that would fit on the mantle in the chapel great room. Loving this project! Genuinely good therapy! ... Sarah even came yesterday to show off her new Talie-style haircut (amahzing!) and our Apprentice, Sara, came yesterday for even more glimpses into the wild world of wedding chapels! A wonderful phone call from Bill Cox this morning let us know that he's finally pulling the trigger on this marriage thing, and we're in the beginning stages of planning an amazing wedding for them!

Genuine transformation comes when we trust Him completely....not just partially. That way, we know that everything that happens is His plan and we can cope so much better. Blessings to you, dear reader, as you allow Him to take charge and lead you into spaces you never dreamed possible!

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