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Loving this sign of a match made in heaven!

It isn't very often that Miss Denise and I get to see anything that's going on at the front gate the day of a special wedding. Usually, we're visiting with cake bakers, titivating the plates and flatware, wiping down outdoor furniture or touching up mirrors (!)...but Abby and Dustin's big day was different. We actually looked up at some point in the day and had all the things on our two to-do lists already completed... We actually got in our 3 mile walk before we had to change for the wedding. What a treat to come down to the end of the driveway and see this perfect, homespun indicator sign that left no doubt in the guests' mind where they were to turn! I love the simplicity and honesty of this sign, and it seems to truly reflect this very special couple as well. Elegant, simple with a hint of sophistication. Love the look and adore them. Congratulations, again, Abby & Dustin on a terrific day at the chapel!

An excellent lunch today with Sonny from Peaceable Kingdom with an eye towards having a fundraiser here at the chapel to benefit PK. Fun to see Sonny again, and we think we can do some good for folks together. Ate at Johnny's for lunch, and the burger and swiss cheese were amazing. Thank God Lent is over! May have a surprise visit this evening at the chapel, and still need to work on taxes and getting some more seeds planted....getting there, getting there......

Only so many days are allotted us. Sonny and I discussed that today and talked about what good we can do with the time we have left. What an excellent way to approach the gifts and blessings we have received....moving them forward. Blessings to everyone today for a wonderful Thursday, and have a great time moving your own personal blessings and gifts forward!

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