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A black & white throwback causing smiles

Loved this day, love this picture, love these people! I don't think I paid attention to this photograph when it first came out after Molly & Matt's wedding day, but it really caught my eye this morning. They're such a genuinely special couple, and an important part of life around here since their wedding. Matt helps with events at the chapel, and I coerce Molly into buying additional lots in their neighborhood. Sounds like a fair trade! Hehehe. Anyway...we're so thankful that these two are in our lives, and there are several others in this photo that we see from time to time as well! Viva Mastrilli!

Seriously, did the temperature on my phone actually say 39 degrees this morning! Wow....happy Triduum, y'all! What happened to summer? No matter...Abby is coming to visit today and bringing her bubbly for the celebration, so weather doesn't matter this weekend. Accidentally called Dustin "Sweetheart" on a text yesterday, so we're up to our usual craziness at the chapel for a very special bride and groom. Looking forward to 2-3 visits at the chapel today, as things keep rolling along. All set for A&D's wedding, and stuff is in the wings ready for Easter Sunday, 2016. Wind advisory for 20-30 mph winds that day, so we're thankful that we're taking the grub indoors for this one. Should be great kite flying weather, and warm and dry enough for our horseshoe fun and classic car group photo! Such a great weekend on tap!

Stillness, centering, prayerful ambience. These things are available at the church that's just right for you. Each of us has different worship needs and senses. What a blessing it is when you find just the right spot to worship for this particular moment. Thank you, God, for your divine mercy and direction. Blessed day to everyone on this Good Friday!

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