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It's "un-veiled"....It's Noelle's birthday!

Happy birthday to our very own Noelle! Born on St. Patrick's Day, but speaks French, so Euros are always a great gift idea for her birthday! :) We're hoping her day is filled with fun, dreams come true, and there's plenty of room for cake! Bon anniversaire, my dear!

Kind of overcast out there today...typical St. Patrick's Irishy-kinda weather. Originally had planned to take the Eldorado convertible to the glass shop for a re-affixation of the rearview mirror, but since the top motor is on order, it may not be a great idea to go crusing up IH35 with a 20% chance of rain! No matter....that'll mean errands, library books, needed items, etc. will all be taken care of in the "Irish" green, St. Patrick's Day-mobile, "Miss Bridget Jones"....the vivid little '77 MGB! Aye! Probably need to put on something green so that I don't get pinched at the library....but on second thought....maybe at this age, it could be the only pinch I get all day. Heheheh. Pathetic, but accurate! :) ... Preparations continue for Easter Sunday, and it's still a mystery on the weather prediction front. Holy Saturday looks good, so we're hoping for a similar prediction for the big day. No matter the weather, however, it looks like a tremendous gathering of the faithful will happen. This year's theme includes classic motorcars, with the appearance of the Cadillac sisters & Bridget Jones from Caliber Oak....hopefully Carl's 1950 Plymouth, Jed's Porche, Dr. Don's selection, etc. The gameplan is for a classic car Easter backdrop for the group we'll see how it pans out!

Expectation of good. That must separate the faithful from the non-believers in so many ways, I'm realizing this morning. Here's to hoping for the best from our Benevolent Giver this morning! Have a wonderful day in His service and don't forget to smile....just a a rather Irish sort of way!

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