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Kind words and a snappy presentation!

Absolutely nothing warms our hearts as much as a delightful endorsement of our efforts like the one above. Dawn & Mike Alvarez were a treat to meet and sent this unsolicited kindness in words to us the day after Emily & Bryan's wedding. Not only is it such an honor and a blessing when a bride and groom select our very special place for their biggest of days, but then, after the dust settles, all the vows, tears, smiles, food, wine and song have ended...for people who have entrusted us this greatly to feel so very blessed and impressed with our service and effort... well, it just is a feeling of reward and a ministry well served! Thank you, Dawn & Mike for your kind quote, and special thanks to our talented webmaster, Jordan Overturf of Overturf Media, for this very cool layout presentation!

Special visitor today, and even get to head into town in the little, green MGB for some shopping! ... A few more seeds are getting planted just about each day, and it's so fun to see things already coming up. Our prayer is for a lovely sunflower patch near the carport, and it looks like we're off to a great start. Got all the plants out of the greenhouse yesterday, and now we hear that it may be 43 and 44 degrees on Saturday and Sunday! Yikes....we'll have to lightly cover the amazingly colorful flowering plants by the front steps. ... Slowly, creativity and effort are paying off in the direction of our annual Easter feast. Determining how much meat & veg....looking forward to the wines (Day 36 of Lent, people! :)) and always enjoying the thought of making the house/chapel festive in His spirit. As usual, we'll have to see what the predictive weather forecast looks like tomorrow (first day it'll show Easter Sunday on our app) and begin the fun planning then. .... Also, we're gearing up next week for A&D's great adventure wedding as well..... looking forward to that, and there's never a dull moment around here! What a life!

Thankful. Every single chance we get. At the dinner table, when the phone rings, when we arrive at our destination safely. He's watching, He's holding our hands, and He's loving. Here's wishing the most marvelous of wednesdays to you as you move forward in the Spirit! Blessings splashed all over ya, peeps!

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