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It's Official! Meet the new Mr. & Mrs. "C"!

What a happy occasion it was on Saturday! The vibe in the chapel was truly enhanced past it's normal 'wonderful' setting when all the friends and family of Emily and Bryan assembled for their ceremony and reception. The whole thing was virtually perfect from start to finish, and the long-awaited big day went off with nary a hitch. The food was by one of our newest caterers, and the wines were specially bottled and produced by the bride's father...with custom labels for the biggest of his daughter's days. Everyone truly seemed to enjoy themselves, and it was the first day in about 6+ where it wasn't raining! woohoo! Cap even managed to match the bride's color design pretty darned well, too. Blessings to these two as they move forward together. They're just right for each other from our perspective, and we know they'll give it 110%!

Well, cleanup from E&B's big day went very well, and we're being spiffed-up at the chapel as we speak. Unfortunately, we're thinking something is up with the front-unit on the a/c, as it just didn't cool as well as we'd like this weekend (everything was good......we froze folks out of the main room to make up for it! :)) so a new company has been called to take a look at the front cooling unit. Otherwise, the day looks like a potential trip to Belton, hopefully a walk, some gardening and seeing what else the Big Guy has planned for us. We so enjoyed having a 'chapel full' yesterday, with Bryan and Emily and family being here, Amy & Rory stopping by, a special visitor from Wimberly and then our afternoon walk and yummy dinner with Sarah. A full and blessed day all the way around!

Trust. trust. trust. When you really look at it, it's about all we can do! We don't put the breaths in our bodies, the steps in our walk, and the opportunities for our ways in place. He does. Thanks, Boss! We hope everyone has a tremendous day full of maximum potential under His grace! Rock it!

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