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At least they've retained their dignity! :)

Happy photo of a happy couple, and we so enjoyed having them here for WHD. Their new house isn't all that far away, so we're hoping that they come visit more often! Erin & David are very special, and their wedding was so excellent!

Lots of work to be done at the chapel today, and the minute I'm finished with the blog and FB postings, I'm down there all day setting up for the most magical celebration for Amy & Rory. Custom woodwork features, vintage tablescapes, and a bride and groom who are very, very special! It has the makings of a tremendous wedding, as we'll know it will be. Looking forward to meeting J&K next week, as they've booked a visit to start planning their wedding for later this year. Can't wait to meet them!

Answers always come. They may not be the answer we thought we wanted, but the grace in giving an answer is best received with as much grace as WE can muster....He's always lining up the best for us...even when sometimes it doesn't seem that way! Blessings to everyone today for safety, health, and a genuine sense of peace! Rock on!

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