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A picture-perfect winter wedding table...

We so enjoyed having Stephanie here for her excellent photo shoot and this is my amateur picture of one of the tablescapes. Loving the french linen on the chairs, bit of old-world golden metallic glam, and the element of antique silver and mercury glass. Yep, I could eat supper at this table!

Where did spring go? Mighty cool out there this morning, but always could be worse. Progress being made on chapel projects today, and we even get a special visitor who's bringing us lunch! Headed to town after it warms up a bit to get some key ingredients for tonight's special dinner with another very special visitor! Coming and going....coming and going!

Trusting Him for the right outcome...and the right outcome is ALWAYS the best for us... It doesn't seem like it sometimes, but it always is when we look back on the life story He has provided. Thank you, God, for everything you put in our always make it right! Blessings to everyone today for a great one! Isn't it fun to see what He has in store for us today?

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