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Another Wonderfully Crazy WHD Cake!

This year's wedding homecoming dinner cake was no exception to the rule of merriment! As usual, we planned to get the same number of brides and grooms on the cake that were represented at the dinner. TLC & Miss Denise made it happen...(just barely!) and we're already talking about what kind of an exciting and major structure will be needed in the future for the WHD! As usual, it tasted as great as it looked, and couldn't have been more pleased.

Looking forward to a bridal visit this morning, and not looking forward to the drop in temperatures over the next 3 days. We've been SO spoiled this year with springtime-like weather almost all winter, that the prospect of dropping into the 50's is yucky. Somehow, we'll survive, however! :) Had an amazing weekend that included calling bingo for the Lions Club BBQ Bingo event, Prestyn Penelope's baptism, and attending Compline service at St. David's in Austin. And that was just Sunday! Excellent dinner at Matt & Molly's and we got to enjoy the Salado Limousine twice this weekend. Fortunately, Saturday was kind of a kick-back and relax kinda day, so it all worked out beautifully. Yesterday, we even had a great visit with the fun just never seems to stop around here. Praise God!

He's walking with you every minute. When you're smiling, when you're fighting fear...but He's there. Just ask Him for help, and it's yours... Blessings to everyone and genuine hopes for a wonderful rest of the week for you!

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