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"Hon, the stories I could tell you!"

This excellent photo of one of the most unique hall mirrors at the chapel seems to communicate that this fine, reflective lady has really seen it all! From weddings, to parties, to visits, to dinners, to dances and beyond. She's the pretty addition to the retro-effect mirror that Mary frank gave us for the chapel a long time ago. Frequently, this is the mirror that people ask about most...a very interesting item! Keep watching on, Miss Mirror, and join us in enjoying the view for many years to come!

A practically all-day meeting yesterday with the webmaster. Always a treet to see him, and very glad to hear that Overturf Media is doing well. Didn't get much else done, but the new brochures look great. Thank you, Jordan! Gloria was even here yesterday afternoon and I never got to see her. Hopefully, next week. Setting up starts today for this weekend's activities, and we're looking forward to the unique look. Even saw another collectible sedan on Craigslist last night....but the car isn't availalble for showing for about 2 weeks, so we'll see what happens...

Let it go...and I don't mean like freezing a village while you work through your issues. I mean let IT go....the need to control, the failed feelings, the insecurity, the fear. Let Him have it all, and enjoy the ride! Blessings for a great day!

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