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AND they can spell! Woohooo! :)

I just saw this very cool picture on facebook this morning, and had to put it on the blog. Such a special couple, and what a neat idea and photo...I think there are a few more cool ones out there from their wedding, so may be posting more in the future... One of the coolest things is that Whitney is coming to help us in a wedding at the chapel very soon! The circle of wedding life! Congrats, again, Whitney and Jonathan, and we're so thankful to be seeing you 'round....

Got up CRAZY late this morning, but no matter, really....because....Sheri helped so much yesterday with setup for the big wedding this weekend that I'm actually pretty much AHEAD of schedule! The boss and I are headed down to the chapel in a few minutes to have some lunch, and then I'll finish up steaming some chair covers and get the event prep list coming...Excited to have visitors tonight!

Not every day goes as smoothly as a fresh jar of Skippy. (Thank you, Bruno Mars!) However, how we deal with it makes all the difference. We really enjoy life lessons around here where we go to a new level of 'letting go' (thank you, Elsa!). Wait a minute....I'm thinking a Disney/Pixar duet with Elsa and Bruno? Wow....another Divine Inspiration moment! :) Have a blessed day, and enjoy whatever he provides. He loves you!

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