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A pretty flashback photo favorite...

There's always been something about this photo from Marcia & Ralph's surprise 50th anniversary renewal that speaks to me. Just the right light? Abundance?, just a warm memory from a wonderful day. Many more to the two of them, and looking forward to seeing them again at Wedding Homecoming Dinner next year!

Steaming chaircover day, and we all know what fun that is! No's for Tristan & Shawn's big day, so the steaming is worth it! Floor finishing yesterday, along with a few other projects....things are rolling along. Enjoyed talking with several new brides the last few days, and looking forward to having them come visit to see our special chapel. Had two special 'wine time' visitors last night in preparation for an upcoming photo shoot. Always so wonderful to get to visit!

Loving the gifts He gives us. Isn't that the secret to happiness? It certainly helps keep in focus what we have and the path we're on. Have a blessed and triumphant day in the Spirit!

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