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New Web Feature Kickoff!

That talented dude at Overturf Media has done it again... Under the 'about us' section of the website, he's now created a special segment with photos and text dedicated to Wedding Homecoming Dinner! Way kewl....check it out!

All is sunshine and magic-ness here at the chapel today. Actually finishing all the linen laundering from last weeks fun, and actually even added a cool caladium plant to the grounds yesterday. Had an excellent rehearsal meeting for the August 9th "Scenes From" last night so all is rolling along beautifully. Gary's stuffed pork chops were incredible, AND the boss just told me that the leftover one is our lunch today! Woohooo!

Big plans this weekend for a tremendous rehearsal dinner and wedding....we can't wait. It's a limousine kinda weekend, and we're thrilled about that.

Have a blessed day and don't let negativity squish your fun. Just turn the channel!

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