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Congratulations to Melissa & Kenneth!

Woohoo, and congrats to CaliberOak's newest couple to book their wedding at the chapel. M&K were here today making arrangements for their very special day, and it's going to be perfect. They really shopped around and we're very flattered that they selected us for their ceremony and reception. Lots of fun and laughter with these two, and we know their wedding will be a day we all enjoy and remember. Congratulations!

Cleaned up a little bit in the chapel today following initial setup for this weekend's wonderful wedding. Still feeling like the weather isn't exactly what we'd hoped for - according to projections - but what's right ON projection is a fabulous wedding, regardless of temperature and outside conditions! So looking forward to the big weekend and the fun that surrounds our blessed place... I've still got some linen steaming and chores to do before the wedding, but Denise has indicated she's going to help out... (woohoo!)

We're also looking forward to visiting with R&J on Sunday to plan their wedding celebration as well! Another wonderful couple has made the decision to trust us with their ceremony and reception, and we're more than honored! Love sitting down and picking out linens, colors, china, glassware, etc. etc. etc. with our very special brides and grooms. God has sent us only the best, and we never forget it! Must be why we look forward to every single wedding with such joy and anticipation! Got a beautiful call from Kelly this week telling us how much they appreciated the fact that they didn't have to clean up after the party on the night of their wedding! That's how we roll....PTL! Blessings to all for a tremendous thursday night/friday! Cap

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