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Why is it always me who wants a tropical themed wedding? I don't know if it's the cool greenery (like the Marathon Key stuff here) or the tropical flowers, or colored riot the tropic flowers make....

....but it always appeals to me. I really think it's the festive fun that all things tropical induce. The tropical drinks, the outrageous floral themes, the tiki-inspired food, the island music.... The whole thing is kinda retro, and you had me at 1955 to 1967! If I wait long enough, it'll happen! :)

Otherwise, while I wait for a visionary couple to Polynesian-theme their wedding (lol), we've been mighty busy getting ready for a special celebration this weekend. The usual attention to detail is being paid to the food/bev buffet, napkin creases, outstanding plates, clean glasses and beautiful linens. Yours truly needs to get busy on Thursday with limb clearing, exterior chores, lawn mowing, sign repair and weed/bug spraying! We'll get it all done, and will be able to pretty much float through the day making our couple's dreams come true. It's what we do!

Good thing our bride and groom aren't leaving in the Fleetwood this weekend! I've managed to misplace the keys and we've got nothin'.... PTL that I have an extra set that I will also duplicate. Come to think of it, we don't have an extra key for the Eldorado, either, so this may have been a blessing in disguise. Aren't they all!? Have a wonderful evening/day, and think positive thoughts while you pray! Later!


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