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Who says the cap still doesn't have moves. It happens. More slowly and creakily, but it happens!

You should have seen the looks I got from the guests at Taylor and Daniel's wedding when I was doing this. Karen encouraged it, and it looks like even Greg is hiding under the bar in shame. I've taken worse pictures, and at least at this wedding, I didn't do the 'mop dance' like I did at Libby and Josh's wedding, so there's that? We certainly had fun, and the tunes by Neema were amazing. Fun wedding, great times, and tremendous bride and groom. We miss them already.

Chapel watering done this morning already by the ever-vigilant Mrs. Boss. Had a great visit with Becca yesterday to finalize their wedding plan AND I've already updated their booking sheet. As a matter of fact, I'm completely caught up (I think?) with all the booking sheet updates, which is something that doesn't happen every day! Usually, there's one lying on the kitchen counter at the house with scribbled notes for changes. :)

We're watering the big live oak trees where the chandeliers are in hopes that they'll survive the drought. They look fine, but it would make us sick to lose them, so it's worth it. Allegedly, the Good Lord may send us a bit of a thundershower this afternoon and maybe the next 2 afternoons, so your prayers would be welcome.

Otherwise, nothing new and exciting in chapel land. We've got visitors coming to see the place this weekend and brides and grooms stopping by. We need to get our bible study workbooks done for Sunday's Church @ The Chapel meeting, so there'll be no slacking around here, I guess! Have a wonderful Wednesday, and dance a little dance - whenever you can, while you still can! :)


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