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Who are THESE far-out beachcombers?

Well, to many of our friends, family and fans, the answer to the title question is pretty obvious! Not only are these 4 involved in lots of chapel activities, they renewed their vows here on their 10th anniversary! Griselda and Greg are a fun part of life around here, and we couldn't imagine it any other way!

All is wonderful in chapel-land, and we had a tremendous visit with Lena and Madison yesterday as Lena works toward planning her dream day! Always fun meeting new brides and yesterday was no exception.

We only had 5 for bible study at the chapel yesterday morning, but the discussion was outstanding and we made up for it in quality over quantity. Needless to say, we didn't go hungry, and are already looking forward to next week. We start this coming Sunday with a 5p timeslot on this network so feel free to give us a shout and let us know you're coming!

I mowed the lawn at the chapel and Clemente did the trimming, so it looks pretty darned nice. We're gearing up for D&E's excellent wedding day, so excitement is in the air!

Blessings to all for a wonderful day, and be sure to tell somebody about your favorite chapel today! :)


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