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When these two colors start to appear on stage at the chapel, you know it's that time of year!

Gearing up for the holidays is always fun, and this year's charity event calendar is crazy full. We've got 3 different Christmas parties at the chapel, and are looking forward to each of them. The photo here is one of my favorite combinations, which is actually 'acid' green and burgundy. Together, though, I think they do a delightful homage to The Grinch, and they make the room very festive and fun. The Christmas tree looks amazing in the corner! Now, if we can get the groom's room floor refinished and put everything back, we'll take a breather, but not until after the middle of the month for sure!

Had fun setting up the initial session for this event yesterday, and will be working on it today. I'm even letting Rachel help me on Friday (assuming that I'm not done with everything yet!) since it's a charity gig and it would be fun to get to visit. Very thankful that Chloe is able to help out for this event, and that we've got each event covered with a helper (I think........I need to check my notes!). It always makes things go so much smoother when we've got some help in making our 5-Star service happen! ...and who doesn't need extra Christmas money from time to time! :)

Well, that's not the most earth-shattering Chapel blog post ever, but we're busy little bustlers around here getting things ready, so we need to close. Have a wonderful day, and I hope to be back out tomorrow with more tidbits of fun from our favorite chapel in the whole wide world!!!!!!!


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