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What about a Big Bend kind of honeymoon? A bride and groom could really have fun here! Cozy Cacti!

Sarah and Otto (Caliber Oak Bridal Class of '21) just got back from their minibreak to Big Bend and I think this spot they stayed in is awesome on so many levels. A Big Bend honeymoon isn't expensive, involves a long car ride to determine if you married the right person (lol!), and features some of the most beautiful real estate in our beloved State! This little 'cottage on wheels' that they snagged in Terlinqua is absolute movie-set perfection. Totally isolated, totally remote and totally perfect for an escape for a few days. We're so glad they had such a great time. Big Bend really should be on your honeymoon list...we had a wonderful time there last year as well!

Your beloved chapel is rocking along. Raeshel is going to have a young couple come out and do some 'wedding' photos for an Air Force hero next week, and we're thinking A&G's rehearsal dinner will be a bbq after all. NOT the menu! (private chef!) but the temperatures. It's expected to be 101 that day, so we'll hope we can all stay cool! Yikes. When is fall again? No real complaints, though, since this is the weather of our most magical State.

As I mentioned, we've got ourselves all staffed up for our next two dates and just need to do one more before the summer season ends. We're excited to welcome Nicole and Susan to our ranks of 5-star service providers, and can't wait to start making smiles with them very soon!

Well, nothing else to report from a chapel perspective. Have a wonderful day. Kiss yer spouse, and say thanks for all your blessings! Talk to you soon!


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