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What a delicious and decadent idea for a brunch wedding! Couldn't be more sweet and delectable!

It couldn't be better, right? Fruit puree, puff pastry, and elastic waistbands! What a lovely addition to a wedding that was brunch-themed, or even a cocktail or sitdown wedding that needs the right sweet touch. Many of our brides get creative in the dessert department, and this could be just the ticket. I'm going to try a private batch of these, soon, just to see how heavenly they are!

Speaking of food, I had the distinct privilege of meeting with S&J yesterday to go over their plan for the wedding. Linens, plates, flatware, glasses, etc. Sounds like they might go the bbq route for supper, but that's always a hit. I guess I'm kind of hungry with all this food talk!

We're gearing up for the big fete this weekend for our wonderful, local B&G, and it's coming together nicely. After Mrs. Boss gets back from her walk, we're going to spend another hour setting up for the celebration of two wonderful folks who have honored us by selecting TC@CO as the location for the beginning of the rest of their forever. It's always nice being selective with clients, since we end up having the best brides and grooms in the world as our focus.

Otherwise, everything's coming up roses, zinnias and pretty flowers I can't name! Susan Starnes brought by 2 Neil Diamond rose bushes yesterday as a thank you for hosting the SSWS annual luncheon. They'll be in the ground very soon, and we're looking forward to that addition to the landscape foray. We seem to have survived the rose disease from a few years back and things are blooming nicely for the first spring in a while. Resilience is such an excellent quality, don't you think?

One of our favorite photo-op wedding cars threw a hubcap yesterday, and she's due for a front-end checkup at our favorite mechanical shop. She's worn the wide whitewall tires to pieces, and clearly needs to literally - straighten up! :)

Have a wonderful week, and I hope to get back on soon. In the meantime, live, love and enjoy all of it as much as you can! We're all so very blessed!


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