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Well, we may look a bit mottled here, but be assured...Progress was being done! We're so excited!

Rarely, do we get a live action planning shot of a wedding being formed in the womb! :) Paige and Trevor were going to look at some other places, including a revisit of a venue @ The Domain, and suddenly called and said.........."Cap, are you still there? We'd like to bring you a deposit check". Those of you who know me well know that those are 13 of my favorite words in the English language (in that order!) :) We couldn't be happier that they're trusting us with the largest of days. Blessings to these two and we can wait until the days creep by and we're on the right digit! God bless you both!

Cheesecake was in the air at the chapel tonight! You missed it! Mrs. Boss and I worked together to assemble a whiskey praline cheesecake for tomorrow night's book club, and it's going to be can just tell. Emma Grace has made this year's Wedding Homecoming setup a breeze (I don't think I've lifted a finger!) and if we'll saddle up and get pizza ordered some beer and wine in the house, a bit of ice and a cake......... Vance with the Dance will take care of everyhing else. We're thinking we're at about 62 of our beloved marrieds here the house for Saturday, so we're pretty danged excited. Cap has to wrap his bad knee from being HE MAN last weekend (don't ask) so that his dance moves are flawless, but we figure that even if he falls down, some kind soul will pick him up, right? Um....Right? I can't hear you. :)

Well, not too much that's chapel related to report. Clemente is here tomorrow so that we can reassemble some normalcy in the groom's room, but then I stood over by the shower in the bathroom and thought the floor felt spongy. Wow. When it rains it pours! :) All will always be well and that most wonderful chapel anyone could ask for! See you soon!


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