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Well, the photo is a little bit crooked, but you get the idea! ...Things taken to the next level!

It's always so fun when a 'permanent' fixture here at the chapel gets re-made into the vision that a bride and groom and family have for their own look. The wrought iron and marble altar is from Tyler's collection from about 13 years ago. Hundreds of brides and grooms have been married in front of it in the chandelier courtyard. This design softens the whole look and gives it a rather ethereal feel that was just right for the wedding. Love it when this happens, since the couple makes the space truly their own!

Looking forward to Victoria's visit tomorrow evening, and just trying to stay cool in the 100 degree plus temperatures. Our next gig is the 8/6/23 Slice of Heaven Games night, followed by R&S's big day. We're already excited, and so thankful for this wonderful chapel being in our lives!

Not much else to report from the top of the County, but we're hoping all our brides, grooms, families and friends are all having a great day! Got to go boating with two different Caliber Oak married folk this weekend - which was great - and hope to do more in the near future! Currently praying for a bride's grandmom, as she's in the hospital and has had some rough points. God bless all y'all!


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