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Well, the job was done way better than experienced by our little fella here, so it's time to plant!

I thought this gif was funny, since we've all been this young'un a time or two in our lives in some way or another! Clemente spread a beautiful load of garden topsoil in the flowerbeds in the front and side of the chapel, and we're excited to get some things planted. A trip to Wallyworld and to McIntire's and we should be on our way! We want to get this done for Deb's wedding, so we need to get a move on!

Hope your day has been productive and positive! Looking forward to a crafting day tomorrow at the chapel in preparation for Easter22 and I think there are faux carrots on the agenda, as well as some type of tulip construction (the flower, not the rescue dog!). Our annual crafting forays are always fun wih an end result of great joy, if not perfect execution. Can't wait to get started.

A bit of chapel wardrobe was added today when my 3rd (!) tombstone frock coat arrived in confederate gray. I love the blazes out of the brown and black ones and use the black one almost exclusively when I'm officiant for a wedding here. Well, this gray number has a nice 'morning coat' feel to it, with a lighter color for warmer weather. I think it'll look great for spring and summer weddings when the heat is beating down on us. Thank goodness for the chandelier trees, or we'd really roast under the sun! Sometimes, we get blessed with a cool breeze just at the right second (Christina Hollas!) and sometimes we don't, so it'll be nice to be out of the black from time to time.

Well, chores to be done and books to read and a whole list of other stuff. Blessings to one and all as the weekday winds down!


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