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Well, ShelbyMae wanted me to promote her availability for chapel weddings in the role of flower girl. I've seen cuter and less cantankerous flower girls, but she might lend an air of authenticity?

Howdy from chapel-land! All is excellent at the chapel of love this morning, and we're happy about that. Chloe is down there helping pre-set up/pressing linens. Even though the tasks are a bit monotonous, at least they're indoors in the A/C. Surely an employment perk.

I'll probably be mowing the lawn in the courtyard by the end of the weekend, but the new Honday self-propelled is the bomb! I didn't even let Clemente do it, so that I can mow with it again. One way to get an Irishman involved is to have some new tool or vehicle to play with! :)

GW and his team are working on the Eldorado, so hopefully it'll be ready for Miss A's big wedding day! It will be nice to have the car back in the fold for rotation!

Todd is coming out this morning to look at constructing a bike rack AND maybe getting ideas for the posts at the front of the chapel portico that rot out almost every year from rain and drainage flow. At least we're trying, and he's a great guy!

Ok, gotta run. Blessings to one and all and hope to see you soon!


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