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Well, if you went home from Saturday's wedding hungry, it was your own durned fault! Yummystuff!

Saturday was one of those days where you leave the Keto concept behind and just have a plate full of fun! McKenzie and Lucas renewed their vows in fine fashion, and the comestibles were amazing. The featured piece of this amazing culinary day were the absolutely perfect fruit-topped cheesecakes made for the event. So moist, so cheezy SO fruit-laden! I couldn't get enough of my leftover piece in my mouth fast enough. Not to mention "G-Wagon"'s delicious supper fare. Usually brisket, sausage and the trimmings are rather predictable, but this was an extra special presentation. We have NEVER had brisket this moist and flavorfull, and the sausage was incredible as well. The spicy mac'n cheese was amazing, and all around the food was great!

The ceremony was tremendous as well, since most of the families in attendance had gone through the Quest program for their faith formation, so swords were embedded in the chair and bridal aisles to signify this accomplishment and identity. They lent a certain Highland Fling feel to the ceremony. Everyone seemed to have a wonderful time, and our bride and groom laughed and cried and had a VERY special day. It's always wonderful when excellent bridal/renewal couples come to the chapel for their events, since their guests are a delight to serve as well. Everyone was very complimentary of the chapel and all went perfectly. I'm STILL looking for the platinum table cloths we own.

We went to set up for the Genovese event and the banquet platinum table cloths we've used many times were JUST NOT ON the 45 acres! We checked everywhere and no luck. I had to rent linens from Evonne to make the day work, and our prayer is somehow, they'll turn up! The amazing thing is that we know we hadn't used them since the St. Stephen's group was here last December to the best of our knowledge. I'm thinking that they were stored and ready for the laundry in a regular garbage bag, rather than our laundry toting IKEA bags, and may have been mistaken for trash. Never give up hope, however. We were the same way with 120" round table cloths for another event, and they FINALLY appeared under a pile of something else!

Just got a notice that Emma and Ryan are coming to see the chapel tomorrow! Maybe we can make some more dreams come true! Have a wonderful week, and we hope to see you at the chapel soon!


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