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Wedding day perfection! The weather was amazing and so were our bride and groom. Great beginnings!

Becca and Brandon tied the knot yesterday! We got to be a special part of it at the chapel, and couldn't be happier! He's such a nutball, and she's such a sweetie, they're absolutely perfect for each other. This wedding has been a long time in the coming and went off without a hitch! Very laid back vibe, the food display and quality were amazing, cake was magical, and everyone seemed to have a wonderful time. You can always tell how magical a couple is by the guests that they welcome into their wedding. The actual ceremony happened at their church, but then they headed over to the chapel for a lovely, sit-down reception! They both wanted everything to be organic, and again, laid back, and that's EXACTLY what they got. Their wedding was our 175th joy @ the chapel, and such a great start to the 2023 wedding calendar! We're still remarking on the weather, since we had tornado warnings the other night, and this day was a perfect 70 degrees with smiles, a light breeze and just the right touches. Our special thanks to Erin and Chloe for making this event such an outstanding success. We hope many years of prosperity, love, friendship and fun for these two! We met Becca when she worked at Dr. Matt's and have really enjoyed both of them every since.

Today, clearly, is final cleanup day at the chapel but we got lots done yesterday afternoon. Linens are all treated and ready for laundering, food put away, dishware, glasses, flatware washed! Serious progress before bible study even gets rolling. 64 dinner chargers need to be washed, and that's my task today, but the girls really took care of business, and all the stuff is cleared away! On top of all that, we have another beautiful day on tap in the weather department!

Abigail reached out to us this morning for a venue tour for her October wedding, and we'll be thrilled to meet her if it all works out!


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