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We've said this before, but wouldn't a tropical-themed wedding be a really fun wedding backdrop?

I think the colors and the feels of the tropics could be so much fun. Fern-ish fronds, palm leaves, beautiful tropical flowers, either fresh, silk or paper..... Just a creative touch. We're already working on our own personal Easter plans, so our creative juices are flowing......

How are you, today, chapel fan? Hope your day is wonderfully smooth....just like the beautiful roadwork that Tony did for the chapel driveway yesterday! So nice to have it working so well, and he really feels like it's going to last. We'll all see what's left after the first major rain, but will adjust, adapt and move on from whatever we discover!

Found out yesterday that Tony is also going to be our source for topsoil for the landscaping at the chapel and gardens. Can't wait to get rolling on that, but with the temp going down to 29-31 degrees tonight, it's a great reminder that you can't start stuff TOO early in our magical location, or you'll be looking a frozy seedlings and tearing up a little bit. Spring will spring soon, however, so that'll be fun. Lot's of great ideas and plans for freshening.

Well, that's about all that's happening right now. Got our book club date at the chapel all set for April. Anyone interested in being a part of our book club can give me a holler. We're a hoot, to say the least! Blessings to all for a brightly colored, tropical themed day!


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