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We sound like spokespeople from the American Zinnia Board, but these beauties just continue to win!

We've always loved zinnias, and then learned more about heirloom zinnias, and just love them! So friendly, so sturdy, long lasting, 40's retro and pretty. We enjoy them all summer long, and are always on the lookout for another bloom. We've had one bride use them in the plan for her wedding and that was one of the neatest decorated weddings we've ever had. Hope you are enjoying some sunshine on a stem today!

Not much going on in chapel land. We're excited for a bride visit, and just working towards keeping the flowers blooming in the heat! I may have mentioned it in a previous post, but after a 20 year wait, we have our ELECTRIC GATE at Caliber Oak! The wait was mostly how danged expensive they are, but we finally went for it 8 days ago, and we couldn't be happier. Big shout out to Todd and Brandon for making this happen. It's just amazing not having to get out of the car twice to leave. The neat feature is that we can 'lock out' the gate so that when we have wedding folk coming, it's automatically left open for them! Good times. We are easily amused! :) Chris Carpenter did a tremendous job on the metalwork, and it's like no other gate around!

Getting fired up for our next charity event on July 16, and enjoying bible study when holidays and commitments don't get in the way! We're on schedule for a session this Sunday, so if you're interested, we're at 5p in the great room @ the chapel! Very eclectic group and lots of fun, food and laughter in addition to learning more about God's word.

Have a wonderful midweek, say hi to a cute dog and always wave at the cows in the pasture as you drive by. It causes tailgaters to leave you alone! LOL! Blessings to one and all!


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