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We don't usually post unflattering photos of Cap, unless they're this bad! What is going ON here?

Sarah has been sending over some pretty danged hilarious outtake photos of her big day, and this would be one of them! We both look like crazy people here! First of all, I guess I had WAY more liquid fun than I realized that day, since this is about the 5th photo I've seen where I look like a confused old man. Secondly, at least I'm not the only one with the crazy facial expressions going on! What a great day, and such great memories. I guess it's good that John drove us to Barrow! :)

Oh, the other thing in this picture that throws me completely off base, is why the hell am I drinking XX beer? I virtually never drink beer, and there clearly was plenty of other alcohol going on..... Yikes....... We know how to throw a wedding, huh?

Speaking of throwing weddings, it looks like another one is in the works! M&W came to visit last night and fell in love with the chapel! Will is headed out to bring the deposit check this evening, and we can't wait for their big day already! Love it when a couple falls in love with the place we already adore!

Christmas debris is still all over the place, along with the broken projector and the groom's room floor project. When a great couple like M&W can fall in love with the place when it's a shambles, I know they'll love it on their wedding day! :) Yikes!

Front landscaping will be Pineapple Guava, hopefully, and we can't wait for the weather to warm up, since it looks so bare to us right now. We're so excited about Wedding Homecoming that happens in a few short days, AND the upcoming wedding season..... We've got several couples on the burner who should be great marital additions to our chapel family! Can. Not. Wait!

Hope everyone has a great day, a great week, and a wonderful 2022. We're on our way, and thankful for every minute!


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