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Unique design elements make a wedding memorable and very special. Sometimes, those gems get shared!

These amberglass goblets and wineglasses were a key touch for Taylor and Daniel's big day, and really added to the theme. Not only did they work perfectly for the wedding, they'll now have them to enjoy and remember their big day, tangibly. The fact that we ended up with 7 really cool thumbprint wine glasses from the set is just an extra bonus, and we're very appreciative. We're actually using them this weekend with another 'renewal' couple for supper at the house, so they're already creating even more memories.

Had a great visit this morning meeting with Becca, Jay and Lucia to show off the special spot where Becca's wedding is going to be. So looking forward to that special party.

Spent some time today on the phone with the design team of Jordan and Jazmin to discuss the refresh of our website. Lighter, brighter, farmhouse whiter than it's been, and a closer parallel to the outstanding work that Emma Grace has done on the Insta site. Looking forward to seeing their creativity and also getting to see THEM, since I'm officiating their wedding in November, and we're having supper together in the next 30 days. Good times.

Ok, need to run to see what else I can get into before it's time to relax in the spa! :) Blessings to one and all, and if the glass is half full.............grab the bottle. Later!


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