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Try to guess, from this photo, what I'm going to be doing today? It's a steaming day! Tablecloths!

A certain magical couple's big wedding reception is just hours away, and I've got to get the bistro tables done. Still have to find 2 table cloths before I can steam them, but all will be well, due to my expert linen filing system (blush). We're so looking forward for T&D's party, and we have a surprise for them that we're hoping works out, but we're now at about 50/50. We shall see what God has planned. The new champagne toast table continues to wow me, and it's a keeper.

Today's activities include the above forementioned bistro cloth steaming and also a great visit from Deanna to discuss the upcoming Garden of Hope fundraiser at the chapel. As soon as we have a graphic on that, we'll be posting it so that all will know of this wonderful charity and what's going on.

Still so excited about Becca and Brandon's wedding plan, and I just need to set down and get it in the spreadsheet so I can send it off. Always fun when great people are scheduled to make the big step here at Caliber Oak!

Otherwise, nothing but surface.of.the.sun. temperatures right now, but thankfully, T&D's reception day is only supposed to be 98 DEGREES! This doesn't seem like a victory for some, but considering it was like 103 for Alyssa's rehearsal us, it makes a difference! No matter, we were going to have a hot old time, anyway! Bring on the Shindig! Blessings to all for a wonderful day, and hope to talk with you soon.


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