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Tomorrow night is the night! Come join us for a fun mingle for a cause, and meet some new friends!

This organization does some great things, and it's always nice to talk to others who are totally unrelated to the event you're involved in and hear what great work they do. Hopefully, you can join us tomorrow night (Thursday) for the evening. If you can, please let us know at 254. 718.0680 and we'll pass along your names for attendance. We're looking forward to meeting a whole new group of people who are gathering under the purpose umbrella of helping others. ...and isn't that what it' all about?!

All is well at the chapel otherwise. Steaming linens today and we'll be just about ready for tomorrow night with Mrs. Boss adding her organizational touch to the setup. Just trying to keep flowers and plants alive with crazy hot temperatures right now! We brought two ferns down to display for the event and for upcoming weddings, and we hope they survive the sunlight and heat! Who would have thought 100 degrees on the first day of fall tomorrow! Wow! We'll be wishin' it was warm in January, though, so never a complaint out of us!

Have a magical day, don't work to hard, and take a moment to appreciate all the blessings that surround you! They're everywhere you look! Talk to you soon!


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