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This table decor had a cooling visual effect on a hot wedding day! Beautifully done fur sure!

We really liked this combination of silver sage and underwater teal on the table runners for Paige & Trevor's wedding. It was warm and inviting, but the tones of the colors made it part of the cooler part of the day, which was hard to find!

Happy Monday to everyone, and we hope your counting your blessings today! One of our favorite bridal Chariots, Miss Alice Fleetwood, is back from Centex Automotive and running fine as wine as always. She just needed a new battery and alternator, and even got an oil change, so she rolled home under her very own 8mpg power! :) We even stopped at the Shires in town and Ace Hardware and the bank. She got some looks, nods, and nice comments, but it was almost shameful to roll her into town that dirty! She even had 'bird doooo' on her backside, which literally doesn't happen to her! We'll get that remedied.

Bride visit scheduled on the calendar, and as always, we're excited about that. I'll need to head down and water here in a bit, and then Mrs. Boss and I are going to start setting up for S&J's magical matrimonial mash-up! Can't wait for the smiles, laughter and the fun!

I'm kind of surprised the 'banana plant-ish' stuff that got put in the front of the chapel hasn't gone mental yet. Denise says it's grown some, but I thought it was going to be some kind of bizarro tropical that took over the world! Not so much, and no flowers, yet. The great news is that the potato vine is coming up on the north side, so hopefully that'll do well this year. The rest of the plants from those roots seemed to have disappeared, but at least there's still one that peeks its head out almost every year!

The weather is supposed to be warm for this weekend's wedding (it's that time of year!) but at least it doesn't look like it's supposed to be XXX digits, which is always yucko. I keep hearing rumors of rain from the Gulf, but haven't seen anything tangible on that!

Have a wonderful week, we'll talk to you as soon as we can, and give each other a hug when you can! Later!


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